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Paul Douglas on conditions

moderately Quiet The Next 10 14 Days

Kurt Vonnegut said hello best in his book, Cat holder. "Peculiar travel rules are dancing lessons from God, Amen.

my family and i were out east visiting family for Thanksgiving; caught up in the ice storm that paralyzed much of the Northeast. A few trips epiphanies: actually rent AWD. Even on rain all wheel drive makes a change. when, And leave more time between allowed events. When you rushing around the chance of careless accidents increases.

After last week snowy tantrums I happy to report a fairly quiet pattern into much of later. rewind, Until further notice the pattern isn't ripe for big, Beefy stormy weather. A few trimmers will drop out of Canada, to whip up flurries Thursday; Again next sunday. But no streams of southern moisture are brewing upcoming 10 12 days. outside of that, All bets are off.

A Pacific breeze prevails with highs at or above 32F the particular following 6 days. I see 20s for high

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